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How to Use Kotlin in Your Android Projects

One great news of moving to Kotlin is, do not need to start from a new project. You could add it to your existing Java Android project. The language is interoperable with Java. So you could use steps below either for a new or existing project. Setting up Your Environment By default, Android Studio has no idea what to do with Kotlin, so the first step is to install the Kotlin plugin and configure Kotlin in your project. Installing the Kotlin Plugin Launch Android Studio and install the kotlin plugin. In Android Studio's quick start menu, select Configure >> Plugins . click on Install JetBrains plugin… Search for and select Kotlin from the list and click Install . When the installation completes, restart Android Studio to activate the plugins. Configuring Your Project to Use Kotlin Now IDE can understand and run Kotlin code, but need to configure kotlin for every project. Create a new project in Android Studio from File >> New